Eko Vulcano

15 April 2016

The relationship between cars and guitars is much stronger than one might imagine.
is well  known that Malmsteen collects Ferrari and Van Halen have used the roar of his Lamborghini in “Panama”; Gibson, in 2003, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the Corvette with a Les Paul doublecut, after producing many other versions dedicated to the motor world and Aston Martin also produces a beautiful guitar based on a project of Rob Green @ Status-Graphite: the Vantage.
Well, in Top Marque Monaco 2016 Vulcano Titanium is accompanied by Eko Vulcano, an Eko guitar customized especially for the show by Icona’s engineers in collaboration with Massimo Varini and Eko Guitars.
This unique masterpiece is available to the public who can play it freely and the sound of this incredible instrument will resonate in the Grimaldi Forum for all the show.
It is just the case to say: “stay tuned”!